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Fashion is fast changing and if you want to go with the flow, you'd better wear impressive clothes.

Who would help you to have the most striking fashion sense? Or, if you are a sewer, who would provide you the best-patterned dress forms for your garments? Andys Dress Forms is the solution to your needs!

Among any other New York dress shop, we have built a name in providing an unprecedented fashion statement. As an experienced costume maker in New York, we won't disappoint you to have the most professionally designed dress forms because creativity is only the limit and quality is our trademark!

We offer paper mache dress form that comes in different size and shape. Each of the dress form is designed to make sewing, fashion and costume design much easier and fun. All dress forms come in life sized figures and fits into the actual body. Our products are made from the durable materials but are sold at the most affordable price.